Fitbit First Impressions

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So it took me a while to get my fitbit in the mail, but let’s just say I’m not disappointed.  This little gadget is quite nifty. It’s small and unobtrusive to a point you almost don’t notice.  It took me a minute to get used to the concept of the baseline amount of calories I burn.  On a fairly sedentary first day I was impressed by my ~2300 calories burned, until I realized that’s about how much I burn regularly due to my age, weight, and height.

I’m less than a week in and I find myself making sure this thing is on me.  Why?  It boils down to psychology.  It’s the Hawthorne effect.  Basically, you change your behavior because you know you are being observed.  I tell you, that works! I exercised immediately the next day even though I didn’t really “feel like it”.  They haven’t sold me yet on the comparison data on how I rank against other fitbit users.  Probably because the stats are only done weekly 🙂  I’d love to see that more realtime, but the way the base-station sync works, realtime isn’t a possibility.

It’s things like this that have inspired me to build a product such as Nexercise.  The reason we don’t exercise frequently enough and why we make poor dietary decisions is purely based on how we are mentally wired.

Fitbit uses a nice visual and simple to follow system to appeal to the masses.  I love the little plant stem that gives you a visual indication of how much activity you had in a given day.  They definitely are onto something and that’s why we here at Nexercise are paying attention.

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