USDA Adds Nexercise as Partnering with MyPyramid Partner

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Washington, DC –Nexercise, the free mobile game that rewards users with discounts on healthy food and lifestyle deals for exercising, has just been added to the USDA’s Partnering with MyPyramid initiative. Partnering with MyPyramid is a program initiated by USDA’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP) which encourages organizations to use MyPyramid messages in promoting healthy food and lifestyle choices.

Nexercise CEO Ben Young stated, “The Nexercise team and I are grateful to be aligned with the USDA’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion and with such prominent corporate partners. To sustain and improve America’s health –especially that of our children –it will take efforts like these where public services organizations, technology providers, and corporate partners collaborate for innovative solutions. Nexercise’s team is excited to be in the mix by incentivizing U.S. citizens to sustain a healthy level of living, and to have fun doing it.”

“We’re thrilled that Nexercise, Inc. has joined ‘Partnering with MyPyramid,’ becoming part of a 3-pronged movement where government, industry, and education are taking aim at transforming the way America eats.” said a USDA spokesperson.

Other Partnering with MyPyramid partners include Campbell’s, General Mills, Girl Scouts, Sodexo, Starbucks Coffee, Subway, Weigh, and Yum! Brands.


Nexercise is a free mobile game that rewards users with discounts on healthy food and lifestyle deals for exercising.  Together with our Healthy Choice Partners we’re using mobile technology to make healthy living and eating affordable and fun.  We believe our model of providing actual healthy products as incentives for exercise may be the forerunner to the most effective ways to engage a health conscious America in the broadest sweep.

Partnering with MyPyramid

The purpose of ‘Partnering with MyPyramid’ is to equip consumers with the information that they need to make smart decisions about eating more healthfully and being more physically active, so [name of organization] plays an important part in bringing that vision to reality.

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