It’s Starting For Us! Momentum….

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It started for us last night. “It” being our formal introduction to the masses. The Washington Post ran an early online look at their article profiling Nexercise and my co-founding partner and me. I felt both excited and awestruck. Exited because all of the hard work the team has put in over the past year is paying off. Awestruck because we know that this media coverage symbolizes just the beginning of what we want to accomplish in helping people become healthier.

The Post reporter Steven Overlay did a great job with his summation of Nexercise’s journey to market, and our methodical approach to making it a success for everyone involved.

We are closing in on our official launch date. Our business development team is out meeting with any and all local and national businesses and universities that offer healthy food and lifestyle products. We’re close; thanks for taking this ride with us.

Below are a few or our hits so far. Can you tell that we’re excited?

 Capital Business (Digital Edtion, page 7)

 Washington Post

 Washington Business Journal Morning Call

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