Make Your Fitness Resolution Measurable and Fun!

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Weight Loss (The Office)

Happy New Years!

Just another day for most, but others affix a lot of power to a resolution – something that earmarks a start of a new year of change.  Resolutions about “fitness, health, and or weight loss” always hit the top 10 resolutions, and usually the top 3.

The problem is people often set lofty goals, with no clear measurable results, and therefore fail.  Studies have shown that about 68% of people who set a New Year’s fitness goal “survive” by the end of week 1 after starting; it then drops to 39% by the end of week 5, but then levels off so that the survival rate is 29% by the end of week 12 and beyond.  My translation: 6 out 10 people who commit to getting fit for the new year drop out before Valentines Day.

Why do you think fitness centers love and simultaneously hate this time of the year?  They try to capture people who are trying to make a change to fill the big pipeline of the users they have lost from the previous year.  Today on Groupon, I saw a deal for “62% off of Results Gym”.  Expect to see a lot more of these deals in the near future.  The CEO of Motionsoft informed us that gyms loose over 60% of their members each year, and therefore this is THE busiest customer acquisition time for that industry.

I believe that the answer to meeting your fitness resolution is to set a measurable, achievable goal and try to make a game out of it.  This harnesses the power of positive habit formation and incremental change.  Can you commit to a minimum of 15 minutes of daily physical activity?  It’s just 15 minutes… And if you don’t do 15 minutes one day, instead of falling off, add it up.  Do 30 minutes the next day, or 45 minutes if you miss 2 days.  Get it in regardless.

Today, I did just 15 minutes.  I would have liked to do more, but I had to get to the office to WORK ON Nexercise rather than DO Nexercise.  Nexercise is a free mobile that game attempts to shift perspectives of exercise from a repetitive, tiring, and “slow -to -see -results” activity into a more fun, social, and rewarding activity, where anyone can win.  It is designed specifically to encourage people to continue activity.  I promised myself that I would do a minimum of 15 minutes daily.  I’m busy building a business, and my schedule is about as erratic as they come.  I need Nexercise just as much as everyone else!

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