6 Weeks In: Raise Your Hand If Your Gym Is Keeping You Engaged.

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Raise your hand if you committed to going to the gym this year. Ok, raise your hand if, after the first five weeks of the year, you’re still going.

You should feel proud if you made the commitment to “get going” towards living a more active lifestyle, or to picking up the pace if you already travel that road. You should not feel bad if you got started by joining a gym, but have fallen off already. It’s tough to create the kind of flywheel momentum with exercise that turns into a lifestyle.

A recent New York Times article reported that up to 45 percent of fitness club members quit going in any given year. That’s up from the 20%-30% that Meg Jordan, editor of American Fitness Magazine has quoted in the recent past.

Such major attrition by members has made health club executives search for new ways to keep members engaged. They’ve tried unbundling their membership packages, adding video and multimedia stations within their facilities, and increasing the number and levels of custom workout programs. Even with some of these changes, the member attrition issue still haunts gym owners, mainly because part of their issues lies within member motivation.

Let’s take a poll. What does your gym or health club do to keep you engaged as a member?

Respond in the comments, and we’ll post a follow-up piece detailing some of your responses.

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