DC Councilwoman Cheh’s Wellness Plan Could Work

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According to the Washington Examiner, Washington, D.C. Councilwoman Mary Cheh, who serves the city’s Ward 3 constituents, planned to introduce a bill that would require Mayor Vincent Gray to adopt a “workplace wellness plan” that would encourage employees to take breaks and eat healthier foods while in the office.  A goal would be to reduce the approximately $300 million spent annually on health care-related costs for current and former city employees.

The idea is noble, however if the plan does not include a way to track and measure employee activity, this will descend into another elected official’s initiative that had good intentions.

What employees don’t need are more good intentions. What employees do need are incentives to adopt healthier lifestyles and activities. Incentives like discounts on healthy foods –wellness can be expensive – should be a part of the plan. And what city leaders need is a way to track that employees are participating. Without tracking, the only way to know if the initiative is working would be to wait until the end of the year to see if health insurance claims decreased, and by that time the city would have expended much of the money it wants to save.  Mobile technology can help with that. Specifically, Nexercise can do exactly what employers need, which is to validate employee activity.

Nexercise can track what type of healthy activity employees perform, where, and what incentives motivated them to do so. Beyond the tracking, Nexercise’s model is to incentivize healthy activity with discounts on healthy food and services provided by local or national businesses.

Councilwoman Cheh, if you want to add teeth to your plan, provide an economic benefit to the city, and put employees on the pathway to healthier living, mobile technology is the option. Nexercise is perfect for what you need. Let’s talk.


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