Nexercise iPhone App Available to Download Now!

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Nexercise is here! And it’s free to download from iTunes.  NOTE: Don’t worry about a Referral Code (it’s optional), just tap ‘Enter’

We’re excited to launch our free mobile game and platform, Nexercise, which rewards users with deals on healthy food, services, and lifestyle products for exercising. Our aim is to make exercising, and living a healthier lifestyle, both affordable and fun.

Nexercise merges three growing sectors of our society, those who want to lead healthier lifestyles, those who enjoy using mobile technology, and corporate partners that offer products that incentivize wellness.

At its heart, Nexercise is a mobile game. Users earn points for exercising which go toward winning prizes and discounts on healthy “deals.”

As we continue to grow our healthy deal corporate partners (we’re working on some big ones), any user of our platform can earn points toward special prizes like an iPad 2 and gift cards from Subway,, iTunes, and more. We’ll be bringing specific deals to your local area soon. To learn how to get your favorite salad place, footwear provider, or massage house aligned with Nexercise, simply reach out and ask [email protected].

This month, we’ll be launching in the Washington, D.C.-Maryland-Virginia region with a host of healthy choice partners in tow through special promotions with DC Fit Week and the University of Maryland’s campus, a la The Facebook.

If you are not in this region, don’t worry – you can use Nexercise now to earn points and medals that go towards you possibly winning very cool prizes.

Nexercise is simple to use:

  1. Download the app from iTunes
  2. Open the App and Tap ‘Enter’ –
    *****DON’T WORRY ABOUT a Referral Code! It’s optional!******
  3. Perform an activity like walking, running, or even weightlifting, for a minimum of 15 minutes with your mobile device on you.
  4. Make sure the mobile device is on you! (pocket, armband, etc)
  5. When you’re done, just tap “stop” and “submit” to send your data to our servers
  6. Watch your points toward prizes accumulate – the more points you earn the better your chances to win.
  7. We will announce prize winners in April.
  8. When we launch with our vendor partners, your  accumulated points will also go towards you winning better deals on healthy products and services. You’ll be ahead of the game.

Here are all the ways you can earn bonus points towards prizes now:

  • use the app
  • unlock virtual medals and repeat the healthy behavior. For example:
    • exercise with another Nexercise user.
    • check-in at your favorite fitness location.
  • share updates on Facebook and/or Twitter (optional)
  • invite a friend to join
  • rate our app in the App Store
  • report a bug within the Nexercise app

This edition of the Nexercise app supports the mobile game, prize rewards, optionally tracking progress of friends, and interacting with Nexercise’s Twitter feed. The Nexercise team has an aggressive update schedule to add features to make the app even more engaging for users and vendor partners.

Get your Nexercise on!

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