Nexercise Takes SCVNGR Level Up concept to the Next Level

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If we had a ha’penny for every person who asked if Nexercise’s app could count calories like some other fitness-focused apps do, we could buy those app companies.  Mobile products that count burned calories have their place. We choose, however, to focus on incentivizing and rewarding the positive behaviors that get people actively exercising, to help create an all important sense of accomplishment within users.

Think about the motivation factor. A person needs to burn 3,500 calories to shed one pound.  If they don’t meet that threshold consistently, he or she often loses the motivation to continue working out.  All too often counting calories becomes a de-motivator to successfully sustaining an exercise plan.

Our focus on motivation kind of makes us the SCVNGR LevelUp of the health and wellness industry.  Where SCVNGR’s new LevelUp service aims to solidify customer relationships with businesses by offering customers the choice of three deals and ascension within their format for trying out a restaurant, Nexercise aims to cement user activity levels by rewarding them with points that go towards redeeming real healthy choice deals.

To increase user motivation, we’re adding features to our mobile app that will allow friendly competitors to nudge you when you’re slacking off, and that send location based push notifications when you’re in proximity of an exercise place. Face it, we all need gentle reminders when it comes to staying the course. And similarly how experience points allow you to level up in games, earning exercise points within Nexercise increases your chances to get better deals and discounts. You can win free stuff, too.

We’ll leave the benchmarking and calorie counting to others. For now, stay motivated. Nexercise and LevelUp.

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