Andi Narvaez’s Thoughts on Nexercise

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Our focus here at Nexercise is to incentivize people to become active, and to make it fun. We often hear from our users about how cool our app is technically and how visually intriguing it is; however we live for the comments about how our technology, platform, and methodology have impacted someone’s life and their outlook.

The Grand Prize Winner of our April Challenge, Andi Narvaez, shared her appreciation with us, and we wanted to share it with others for motivation.

From Andi when we let her know she won the April Challenge:

“AWESOME!!! Thank you guys!! I said this over email and via Twitter but I want to especially thank you for your incredibly timely launch! I had ACL surgery 6 months ago and had decided that April would be the month where I would get my butt …up and star moving again.

I honestly was intimidated by other apps because I can’t really run (not yet yet) and even riding a bike is difficult (though I managed to do that towards the end of April!) Nexercise was amazing because I could walk, do some light aerobics and some yoga and feel great about myself and my progress — I was even earning medals and points, which I was definitely not planning on doing since I wasn’t running a marathon or anything remotely similar to that.

So thank you for the prize, but most importantly for the motivation. I’ve got endorphins again :)”

Thanks to Andi for allowing us to share her message.

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