April Fools?!? Better Late than Never

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This blog post is long overdue.

On April 1st I presented Nexercise at a University of Maryland Event (UMD) called the Cupid’s Cup, which was focused on entrepreneurship.

Nexercise was showcased at a BB&T event that day- Over 50 companies had booths set up, and people came by to learn more about the companies.  Every visitor was given fake monopoly dollars to vote on the companies they liked the most.  After a lot of talking and showing off our product, we won the People’s choice award!  I tell you, doing a startup is a hustle, and every little win really helps invigorate the team.  It was a little bit of recognition and a little bit of money, but a lot of inspiration.

After the open hall BB&T event everyone shuffled into the UMD’s auditorium for the main event.  The main event had notables like Alumn Kevin Plank of UnderArmour speak to the audience about starting a business and of course talk about his company direction.  By the way, the commercial about their new E39 product is ridiculous.  Follow this link: http://www.underarmour.com/shop/us/en/e39 and click the watch it work link and be prepared to be blown away.  Talk about one hell of a cool way to market a product.  I wonder how much that commercial cost???

So Nexercise got to present on stage in front of 600 people… How?  Nexercise was selected as the Capital Access Network (CAN) company of the year.  [The Capital Access Network is a group of Angel Investors, many of which who have an affiliation with the University of Maryland.]

Here is where the April Fools comes in…. Getting to present in front of 600 people is an exhilarating experience!  I felt like a cross between Barak Obama and Mark Zuckerburg as I addressed the audience.  I was miked up, had my beautiful slides in the background.  As I began to present the slide clicker always seemed to advance my slides forward two or three at a time, and backwards one or two at a time.   I even remarked that I thought the remote was possessed.  LOL. I played it cool and still did a stellar job still presenting.

Lesson: if you are really comfortable with your presentation, you can still rock a great presentation despite any technical difficulty.  I could have rocked it without a single visualization.


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