Fighting Product Misconceptions

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When you develop a product of any kind, whether it be for consumers or for internal business, you hold so much tacit knowledge about how it works and often are blinded by the fact that other people can’t make the leaps of faith you can. This is beyond intuitive UX design, this is the fundamental understanding of what your product is and how it fits into their daily lives.

For example I learned the hard way, and fortunately not too late, about some of some common beliefs about our product!

Misconception 1) The product is for use at the gym and serious sessions of exercise.

Story: So I ran into this person at a networking event, which I can’t honestly remember who or where, because everything in startup-land is a blur. They said to me, “Your product is partially working, I’ve downloaded it but haven’t used it yet. However, its making me feel guilty and I should go to the gym”.

I paused for a minute. No, where do we say you have to Nexercise in a gym. However, our name conveys “exercise” in its title, which is a blessing and could be a curse if not branded and marketed properly. It’s a blessing because it’s so easy to remember and spell, and it acts perfectly for a substitute for the word exercise. Nexercise stands for the “Next Generation of Exercise”. It turns physical activity into something that is fun, easy, and rewarding.

So I say to the guy, “You can do a minimum of 15 minutes of ANY physical activity, and it doesn’t have to be in a GYM. Nexercise is meant to fit into your daily lives. You can take your dog for a brisk walk. You can cycle to work. You can do weightless squats while watching TV. It’s not just for the Gym Junkies” (Although there is a Medal for those people that gives bonuses 😉

Misconception 2) You can’t play music while Nexercising!

WRONG! You can here’s the link on how:

Story: So I’m at a lean startup meeting and I see one of our local entrepreneurs (@kontrary), and she says to me in the meeting I need to talk to you. My first inclination when I hear a woman say that is that I’m in trouble. LOL. The “we need to talk” or any variant is always scary. So during a break she says, I can’t do Pandora with Nexercise because it has to be in the foreground. True, Nexercise has to be the open app, because we collect accelerometer data for analysis. But False, that you can’t listen to Pandora while Nexercising. I quickly show her how to do it, which is quite simple. Right after that meeting I post to GetSatisfaction how to do it.  Sometimes you just got to Spell things out.

Misconception 3) You have to give up your favorite fitness app to Nexercise

This is one we have been testing a lot. You can run any of your favorite fitness apps in the background and reap all the benefits. The other day I was using runkeeper, getting my audio alerts and racking up my Nexercise points. In fact our new release, which is about to come out soon (waiting on apple…), makes it even easier by allowing limited multitasking. There’s a be-grudgingness in that last statement, because we unfortunately have to wait on Apple on EVERY update. It’s a double edge sword because it’s time consuming but helps with quality. Anyway, the multitasking allows you to switch in an out of Nexercise to other apps and keeps tracking as long as you return back to Nexercise within 90 seconds. After 90 seconds, Nexercise pauses. This is cool because you can seamlessly, check a text message, change a Pandora station, etc, without any interruption in the natural flow of things.

The short story: Daniel Odio of point about, point blank told me he likes where Nexercise is going, but he can’t see dumping RunKeeper for Nexercise. Guess what Daniel, you don’t have to!

If you have any questions regarding Nexercise please post them to GetSatisfaction at this link, and hopefully we can answer them and clear any product misconceptions.

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