Fooducate is for Food, what Nexercise is for Physical Activity

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So at the “Games for Health Conference” (#g4h2011) this week in Boston, I attended a session on how games can help people eat healthier, and I heard about this app called “Fooducate(visit the Fooducate website here).  So I downloaded it and played around with it.

It has a REALLY cool and slick interface!  It’s a well done app with a simple purpose – To Educate you in a really interactive way on your food choices with the hope you will incrementally make better choices (aka known as Fooducating).  It’s about incremental change in food choices, and Nexercise is about incremental change in physical activity choices!  Brilliant.  Although Fooducate is not as much of a game experience as Nexercise, Fooducate has many elements of feedback that make it feel game-y.  For example, you can compare products, and get stunning visual feedback on how you Fooducate against others, which is a great play on Social Normative behavior.  This is similar to when you don’t want to be below average against your peers on the Nexercise friend leaderboard.

I highly recommend adding Fooducate to round out your Nexercise experience from the nutrition and eating side of things 🙂

Benjamin Young

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