Getting motivation for exercise from more than just Carmegeddon

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Nexercise is all about getting the motivation you want to get the exercise you need.

We read with amusement this story from the LA Times about the now famous “Carmegeddon.” It was a clever story, using the idea that a main highway was closing for the weekend as a reason to get out and do some walking around the neighborhood rather than driving everywhere.

“That’s right,” Jeannine Stein of the LA Times wrote with more than a little sarcasm, “you can actually get some exercise by walking or biking to the grocery store, the dry cleaners, the library and the barber.

She followed her wit with some actual facts about exercise:

Just think of the activity you could get: A 30-minute brisk walk for a 150-pound person burns about 175 calories — that’s about a 1-ounce bag of regular potato chips. Cycling for half an hour for a 150-pound person burns about 300 calories. Just staying around the house doing some gardening? That could burn about 300 calories as well.

The whole story is worth reading, but it has one huge problem: Exercise needs to happen regularly to do any good. If you are only motivated to exercise when the local highway shuts down, well, that’s not a great recipe for getting or staying in shape.

That’s why we recommend using a motivational exercise app for the phone that’s already in your pocket to help. We do that motivating with deals and more that will get you motivated every single week. Check out our Nexercise motivational app in the app store, or read about it on our site.

And don’t wait for the highway to close down to get some exercise!

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