Does your exercise motivation wilt in the heat?

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Summer is the time when we want to look good in shorts and bathing suits, and yet the heat of the summer makes it very difficult to get good exercise in a safe way. And an even bigger problem? Staying motivated to keep getting the exercise that you want and your body needs.

You know what we are talking about. If it’s a lovely spring day, or a cool, crisp fall day, it’s a bit easier to get the motivation you need to get outside and take a walk, or even to drive down to the gym. Right now the thought of even going outside makes you think that you’d rather just sti on the couch or maybe prop up a chair and sit in front of the refridgerator with the door open. And getting into the car is as inviting as getting into a pizza oven. Motivation for exercise is hard.

And once you get the motivation, you have to stay safe.

This story had some great tips about ways to stay safe and still get the exercise that you need.

This was one of our favorite tips:

Become acclimatized to the environment. Acclimatization, the body’s gradual adaptation to changes in environment (it usually takes 10-14 days of heat exposure combined with exercise), can greatly reduce an individual’s risk for heat injury. Following acclimatization, individuals will sweat sooner, produce more sweat, and lose fewer electrolytes in their sweat.

So while that tip, and the others, can help you once you are motivated to get the exercise, they can’t help you get out to do the exercise. You need to get motivated!

That’s where the Nexercise iPhone app may come in handy, in getting you motivated to exercise in the first place.

If you find yourself looking for more motivation, check out our iPhone app. We hope you’ll find that it helps you get the motivation you need through a fun and interactive app that can also reward you  for getting the exercise you want.

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