Exploring Motivation – A New Fitness Program

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We’re always trying to learn more about our users, what makes them tick, why they Nexercise, and what keeps them engaged so that we can deliver the best product possible.

Scott (not his real name) was a classmate of ours in business school.  He is a busy, thirty-something, self-employed professional who wanted to get in shape and lose some pounds.  He was not an obese or grossly overweight guy, but was bigger than he wanted to be and decided to do something about it.  He bought an elliptical machine for his house and decided to get moving.

He was not a smartphone owner, but as fate would have it, shortly after starting his program, he lost his phone and had to replace it.  Since the prices had come down so much, he decided to try out the iPhone.  He knew us and knew what we were up to, so he decided to download Nexercise and check it out next time he exercised.

Nexercise quickly became an integral part of his program.  He enjoys the rewards and thinks the game mechanics are great, but for him, the points are the most valuable aspect of the experience.  “I like the points because they quantify what you’re doing and give you feedback on your consistency… as a result, the points reinforce my motivation,” he told me during a recent conversation.  “They give a proxy of value to something that cannot be measured and provide evidence that you are doing what you should while giving a quantitative way to track your effort,” he continued.  Simply put, the points give him immediate feedback on how he’s doing and motivate him to exercise even when he doesn’t feel like.  He was even able to credit a decrease in points from June to July to a 99.5 degree fever he endured for several days.

So what have his results been?  Since he started his program, he has lost 12 pounds!  Also, he is kicking butt in the game.  He has more Nexercise points than any founder or employee of Nexercise.  HE IS EMBARRASSING EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US!  WE CAN’T KEEP UP WITH HIM!  I just recently saw a new picture on Facebook and he looks great.  But more importantly, he has noticed that he has gradually had to increase the level on his elliptical to maintain the challenge.  This is what consistent physical activity does people!

As we closed our conversation, I was excited to tell him about the changes in version 1.7 and how they will help him even more.  Changing from a monthly total to our new rolling 30 day point total will allow him to keep even better track of his consistency and more easily monitor any dips.  Additionally, our new calendar feature will enable him to see which days he did physical activity with just a glance.

We’re so happy to see that people enjoy what we have worked so hard to create and even more excited to see that we are helping to change lives.  Our goal is to reshape America and do our part to get Americans to lead healthier lives.

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