How getting mentioned in Reuters is like getting hit by Hurricane Irene

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So I lived through Hurricane Irene and luckily my electricity stayed on.  Electricity, to a growing startup, is like lifeblood.  We work mostly 24/7, so having no electricity is a SERIOUS dip in productivity!

Boomie, our VP of Products & Support was working at her home, and lost power during “daytime hours”.  And we all know saving power is a good thing, and can be made fun by cool companies like SimpleEnergy – They do something similar to us but for Electricity. But that’s NOT what we hand in mind!”  Even after her electricity returned, she had no home internet access for the rest of the weekend, and you can only do so much on mobile devices.  That really hurt, because she was working on our scalability.

We knew we had our own Irene coming on Monday… We were going to be featured in Reuters (article link here) and we suspected that people would hear “Free Stuff for 15 minutes of walking”, would go ahead and try the app (since there are a lot of exercises one can do without electricity), and then we’d experience our own flooding!  Rewards is just a small part of what Nexercise has to offer, but that’s the part people often hear.

So here it is, we are getting our rainstorm and torrential winds and we didn’t even have a direct download link in the article.  And to make matters worse, we heard this about Amazon Web Services:   Web Services bracing for Hurricane Irene in Virginia from multiple sources.

If we go down in the flood we do apologize, but we are trying to perform better than FEMA and are working with less resources!

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