Make crack-of-dawn exercise motivation easy on yourself: dress like a nerd

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The mini-morning “bed-head” workout is a great tool for exercise motivation. Here’s why.

Nothing says “junk show” like waking up before dawn, blinding yourself with the bedroom light, and then trying to pack a miniature suitcase for the gym that includes about thirty items including nylons, razor, deodorant, dress shirt, shoes, etc. Assuming you make to the gym, you will invariably realize that in a sleepy stupor you’ve forgotten your hairbrush, toothbrush, breakfast-in-a-Tupperware, whatever. Face it. It’s just easier to get ready for work at home. Here’s one solution for getting in a quick morning workout so you can stay on track with Nexercise.

Nerd out. Sleep in your running shorts and t-shirt. Roll out of bed straight into your running shoes. Don’t stop to brush your teeth. Don’t even open your eyes. Just go outside before you change your mind. You’ll thank yourself. Run, walk, skip, practice your middle school cheerleading routine. It doesn’t matter. Even 20 minutes will do four important things: 1) boost your metabolism; 2) keep your appetite in check and 3) burn calories & improve fitness and 4) increase your chances of winning cool stuff – including virtual medals that give you bonus points like “Monday Maniac” and “Early Bird“.  In fact if you are reading this article right when it was first posted… hurry up! because you could still earn those medals TODAY!.

Even if you can’t make it to your “real” workout later on in the day, you won’t feel guilty because you’ve already done something. Over just one week, the “bed-head” routine actually adds up to five or ten miles. Not too shabby.

If you need more help with exercise motivation, check out Nexercise, or go straight to the app store to find our exercise motivation app that makes exercise more fun and rewarding.

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