Nexercise and the Ladies

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I am currently the only woman on a team of guys. Sometimes, I’m amazed at the things guys forget about women. For instance, if I had a nickel for the number of times I’ve stated “Hey, many womens’ clothes do not have pockets”, I’d be rich.

So, working on Nexercise, I have to represent the other women out there. Yes we like this, no we don’t like that, etc. Ladies, I’ve got your back!

On the Nexercise team, I fully understand why we initially had requirements that the phone must be on you to verify motion.  As a woman, I hated having to worry about whether my exercise clothes had pockets, or whether my phone would fit in the fuel belt I bought for my runs. There has to be a middle ground where I don’t have to choose, right?

Runs and sports are one thing – what about dancing? I love salsa dancing. Anyone who knows me knows this. It’s good exercise, it’s fun, and a good night of salsa dancing means that I dance non-stop for at least 2 hours.  I don’t consider myself a “girly girl” but when I salsa dance, I used to get a lot of “cute outfit” compliments, and I loved skirts that flair when I twirl.  Plus in salsa dancing, girls have way cooler moves than guys do (hey guys, you’re still necessary and we love dancing with you, but be honest, you wish you’d get dipped and get to do the shines, don’t you?).

For a while, I refused to carry a phone while dancing, which meant no Nexercise. Then one of the team members came up with the “Dancing Machine” medal.  And another team member dared to challenge me for *MY* rightful spot on the Leaderboard, which I couldn’t have. Since salsa dances were my longest and most consistent exercises, I decided I had to get my points and give the Nexercise boys a real challenge. I would forego anything pocketless for a while.  This was before there was the option to keep the device off of you.  Arm bands and running belts were just too tacky for a dance floor, and even I was not going to go there. For months, I found anything with a pocket, and got my Nexercise points while I danced. Once, while doing a cool salsa dip, the phone fell out of my pocket. Thankfully it didn’t get stepped on, but not a comforting thing to have happen.  I wasn’t even flipped over someone’s knee, or two feet off the ground, at the time.  So, I had to look for deeper pockets to keep the phone safe.  Now I was ahead of the Nexercise boys on the Leaderboard – a thought I kept reminding myself of when I’d see other girls at salsa with their cool skirt-flairs. Points are nice, but I still didn’t really like carrying my phone during the dances.

As you may be aware, having the phone on you during exercise is no longer a requirement, as long as you accept the caveat that you get fewer points.   I for one am pleased that I now have the option. I can still get points while I dance. On weeks when I’m good about running and other exercises, maybe I’ll dance in a pocketless dress, since they do keep calling from my closet. On weeks when I’m not good about other exercises, maybe I’ll wear something with deep pockets and get full points.  Choices are good things to have.

Most importantly, this is not the end of it. We are still working on other solutions that will be even nicer.  I wont spill the beans even if you bribe me, but you are welcome to try to bribe me anyway.

Ladies, what else would you like to see Nexercise do?  Are there unmet needs that you feel are specific to us?

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