Small diet changes that can boost your weight loss results

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High fructose corn syrup

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Most of us want to exercise more. There are a thousand excellent reasons to get moving (including the chance to win cool stuff). Working out reduces cancer risks, builds muscle (which will increase metabolism), can increase bone density (important if you don’t want atherosclerosis), reduces risk of heart disease, and so on. Not to mention that CDC thinks that the direct medical expenses associated with physical inactivity totaled more than $76 billion in 2000.

Unfortunately researchers have found that some people, typically young women, exercise more for appearance related reasons than health related reasons. Why is this a problem? Two reasons. First, if you don’t look like Giselle Bundchen a month after religiously attending 5am spin class, you’re much more likely to stop going to the gym altogether. Second, there is some evidence to suggest that exercise alone won’t make you look like Ms. Bundchen.

According to the Mayo Clinic, as reported in this article, people “have demonstrated no or modest weight loss with exercise alone.”

Still want to look hot a swimsuit? No promises here, but in addition to working out, don’t forget to pay attention to your diet. There two really easy things that you should do right away that could make a big difference.

  1. Stop eating and drinking High Fructose Corn Syrup (and preferably any corn syrup at all). HFCS causes more weight gain than other sweeteners with same calorie count, such as plain old sugar. HCFC affects normal appetite functions, and may contribute to brain problems due to mercury content.
  2. Lose the diet soft drinks. Drink water, tea, coffee, juice mixed with seltzer… etc. It’s annoying, but true. Drinking diet soda can cause weight gain.

Happy sweating! Download the Nexercise app for more ideas about how to lose weight.

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