Using a Fitness App for Emotional Health

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When most people think about exercise, it is usually within the context of physical fitness or with the goal of losing weight. We recently read a very interesting article that talks about other benefits of exercise beyond merely the physical: emotional and mental health, and exercise as a pathway towards greater health and happiness.

One idea that the article covered is that the mere act or practice of taking part in and focusing on an activity other than getting lost in our negative thoughts is useful in feeling better about ourselves, as well as the fact that staying motivated and getting stronger feels much better than staying home and doing nothing.

On the more physiological level, the article reviews the “feel good” endorphins produced in our brains when we exercise. Also, exercise releases adrenaline that can get stored up in our bodies, which is part of what can cause feelings of anxiety in the first place, thus leaving the exerciser feeling happy and relaxed after exercise.

Not only does this article talk about how exercise itself is helpful for mood and emotions, but it even goes so far as to emphasize that the type of exercise that you choose should be fun, so there is greater motivation to make it happen on a regular basis, not to mention the aspects of even looking forward to it. 🙂

This element of exercising being “fun” made us smile when we read this article- this idea aligns perfectly with our fitness app, which makes exercise into a fun and challenging social game.  With the Nexercise app available in the app store, you are rewarded for any type of exercise that you do, and are actually given points for doing exercise that can lead to free merchandise!  Check out our motivational fitness app at so you can start having fun with exercise, and cure those emotional blues.

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