Walking the streets of DC (for credit) post Earthquake

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What an Experience. I’m sitting in Starbucks in Downtown DC (Chinatown) finishing up a blog article about ‘Half-Ass’ Workouts and then the whole building and ground just starts shaking. A man runs out the building and everyone else has a puzzled disturb look on their face as people start evacuating the building. Masses of people pour into the streets. An earthquake has hit DC? My heart is pounding from the experience, and I’m captivated at how many people are in the streets. I start texting and trying to get on Twitter to see the extent of this phenomenon. I keep thinking 2012, the world is coming to an end! After re-collecting myself, I decided to Nexercise by walking around the block and just observe all of the people in the streets. Talk about a sight to see. I’m back in Starbucks now, as the situation has calmed.  I can overhear conversations about the experience in the background.

How are you all doing? are you shaken up?

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