Discover Your Best Motivation to Exercise!

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Gaining the motivation to exercise isn’t always the easiest task. For some people, just the thought of looking good in those skinny jeans is enough. For the rest of us, however, it may take a little bit more motivation!

Nexercise already provides users with possible rewards after exercise, but what about personal rewards or goals? How do we motivate ourselves in order to even get up and do something in order to reach those rewards in the first place?

Leo Babauta lists some great motivators in his post on One great example is just how great it feels after a hard workout. It is a rush of exhilaration that is heightened even more after reaching a fitness goal. Make exercise fun! Switch it up ever so often! Not only does this keep you from getting bored with the same old workout, but it prevents your body from getting in a rut. This will also lead to better results in your fitness plan.

Another great idea is to have an exercise partner. Motivate each other! Whether it is your spouse or a good friend, hold one another accountable to your fitness plans. Share your exercise goals in a fitness blog or on Facebook. Accomplishing anything on your own is difficult, getting in shape is no different!

If the end goal isn’t enough motivation or reward, give yourself little rewards along the way. Choose rewards that help you move towards your goal. The important thing is to discover what motivates you and to just stick to it!

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