Exercise for Discounts on Airline Baggage Fees

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Well, we’re not quite there, but we’d like it to happen.Airline baggage

Our team is generally dialed-in to the numerous reward types that can be used to incentivize our users to be healthier through our platform. One pathway we had not thought of came to us recently through a user. At least the user sparked the idea.

So, here’s what happened. After each month, we normally announce the grand prize winner of the previous month’s health challenge. Besides the outstanding recognition of being a Nexercise winner, we also award the winner with a $250 gift card of their choice. The referenced winner here chose an airline gift card.

Wait, what?!??! The winner exercised their way to an airline ticket or something therein? How sick is that!?!

The spark in our collective brains was there. Let’s partner with the airlines!

Perhaps footing the bill for a full flight would be difficult for either an airline or Nexercise, but what about making discounted baggage fees a reward in the system? Air travelers would be healthier –and lighter according to our theory – and baggage fees would be less.

Or travelers could get discounts at stores and food places in the terminal. We’re on to something folks. Airlines, let’s talk!!!




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