Fun Fitness Games for When There’s Just No Time Left in the Day!

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Wii Fit

Seriously, almost every household has one, and if you don’t, then your neighbor does! Of course, I’m talking about the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo’s answer for casual gaming. But what if you don’t game and instead are looking for a work out station that’s less than 1 cubic foot? The Nintendo Wii is great for getting in shape because it offers many different fitness games centered around a daily, personalized, workout. Try such games as:

Wii Fit which offers yoga, strength training, aerobics, and more than 40 activities and exercises. On top of this, you can also track your BMI, weight, height, and center of balance through workouts so you can actually see your progression to a healthier you!

Wii Sports is the game that comes with your Wii, and it offers 5 games: Tennis, Baseball, Boxing, Golf, and Bowling. While not all of these will get your heart pumping, they definitely get you off the couch and moving! Tennis will have you running around your living room and boxing can be quite tiring, constantly punching and dodging the other guy’s hits!

Lastly UFC Trainer: The Ultimate Fitness System is perhaps the most intense workout you will ever get while playing a video game. Using authentic UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fitness experience, you’ll utilize the best and most effective exercises that are used by professional UFC fighters. There are also over 70 MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) approved exercises including moves from wrestling, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. There are also personalized training tools that allow players to learn authentic training techniques and healthy lifestyle choices which allow them to lose weight, build strength, and accomplish their health and fitness goals.

So at the end of the day when you’re done with work and it’s time to play, instead of watching TV, or sitting at the computer, bust out your favorite exercise game and get ready to have fun exercising. And to make your total exercise routine complete with rewards for doing something that’s good for you, check out Nexercise, the fun, free, fitness app for busy people!

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