It’s time to Start Giving and Stop Expecting

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So we’ve been thinking hard about how to further motivate people to be more active.  At Nexercise, it’s something we think about, all the time, every day.  Offering real rewards was/is just one part of the equation – a carrot of motivation to move people from thinking about moving to actually moving.  But what about the people who really don’t need anything?  What if you could exercise to give back?  What if there was some charitable aspect?  I had been thinking about this for well over a year.

Recently, I read about this cool product called Striiv that shares a similar vision to ours- to get people to move AND they’ve incorporated a charitable aspect. I commend them for that.  I personally try out every innovative fitness product that comes to market and I definitely will be trying them as well.

With our user base rapidly growing, we no longer just rely upon hunches to drive product decisions.  I don’t just want to throw a charitable aspect into Nexercise and just hope for the best.  I want to understand how every aspect we include in our game can hopefully change and modify our behaviors in a positive way.

I just took a really quick survey using Qriously, which I  REALLY LOVE. When we looked at the data, we found that a charitable aspect is important to our users. I opted to only get 200 samples, because I wanted data fast, and I didn’t want to survey tens of thousands of users just to increase the precision.  I wanted a rough estimate of the sentiment.  Below are the results:

It turns out that more than half our users think a charitable aspect is important.

So what are we doing to address this need?  We are partnering with a company called LetGive to help bring a fun, motivating and unique charitable aspect to Nexercise.  I won’t announce the mechanics yet, because we are still experimenting to make sure we just don’t bolt on Charity, but really add a new element that is engaging and motivating.

P.S. To LetGive – Rock on at demo day.

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