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Push Your Way Up to Better Health and Fitness

Firemen do it.  Soldiers do it.  Even Yogis do it.  What is “it”?  The push-up workout, of course!  Incorporating push-ups into your daily workout routine will give you amazing results, quickly.  There are many health and fitness benefits to this exercise which include: Building full body strength targeting your upper body, chest, arms, core, glutes, hammies, and […]

Every Little Helps in Health and Fitness!

We all have the best of intentions when it comes to getting in shape. How many of us climb into bed after a lazy day thinking: “OK, tomorrow I’m going to take a long jog after work”? And perhaps we’ll even keep this resolution until the end of the day… …until we get home. Then: the couch is so comfy, your feet […]

Leash Your Pooch, Get Outside and Engage in Fun Exercise!

If you’re looking for new motivation to kick up your energy levels and increase your exercise, try taking Fido with you next time you head outside.  A recent study from Michigan State University  “found  that not only did owning and walking a dog impact the amount of walking a person does but also that dog walkers […]

Nexercise to better health

“You’re thin, why bother exercising” is a question I get often. Some know that part of the Nexercise story is that the CEO at one time struggled with weight. Others assume that the co-founder does this for military reasons. (By the way, the co-founder is not “Gary Coleman” as one article mentioned, ha ha.) One […]