Leash Your Pooch, Get Outside and Engage in Fun Exercise!

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walk the dog on rhe beach

If you’re looking for new motivation to kick up your energy levels and increase your exercise, try taking Fido with you next time you head outside.  A recent study from Michigan State University  “found  that not only did owning and walking a dog impact the amount of walking a person does but also that dog walkers were more active overall.”

Depending on where you live the seasons may quickly be turning and colder weather approaching, but really, there is no inclement weather, there is only poor dressing!  Human workout buddies can be unreliable and make excuses to get out of exercising but canine friends are always eager to get their leash snapped on and head outside, which can help keep you on schedule to reach your target fitness goals.  So even if you don’t own a dog you can do a friend or neighbor a favor by taking theirs out when you engage in fun exercise such as walking, running, biking, hiking, skating or cycling.

Leash Your Fitness in San Diego takes fitness up a notch by offering classes for you and your pooch to maximize your workout time together.  Classes focus on cardio, strength training, yoga and dog obedience so that you experience their motto “a tired dog is a happy dog.”

To keep track of your fitness goals and especially the ones where you decide to include your pup for added motivation, contact us and download the Nexercise fitness app!


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