Nexercise to better health

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“You’re thin, why bother exercising” is a question I get often. Some know that part of the Nexercise story is that the CEO at one time struggled with weight. Others assume that the co-founder does this for military reasons. (By the way, the co-founder is not “Gary Coleman” as one article mentioned, ha ha.) One of our friends wrote in an iTunes review that it was fun racking up more points than his “friends with the sculpted physique”.

The truth, as you may know, is that there are more health benefits to exercise besides getting down to a healthy weight, or maintaining a desirable physique. I personally have always been slender, and many people have commented on my biceps – but I digress. I used to be known for constantly getting sick, and staying sick for weeks when I did. The chronic insomnia I’ve lived with most of my life didn’t help either, and Ambien did nothing for that. I’d even considered living in a plastic bubble, as long as it would let me Nexercise for points. Once I started half-marathon running, my workouts became more regular. Within a few months, I became stronger, catch illnesses less often, and recover from them more quickly when I do. Insomnia is once-in-a-while, as opposed to a regular thing. I cannot take complete credit for my weight and my biceps, but I can take credit for the improved health. The fact that I have a cold as I write this does not change the fact that I have definitely seen improved health.

That is a personal opinion. No doctor has documented that I am healthier – yet. However, that is not the case with some of our users.

Unprompted, Steve (not real name) told us as part of a support ticket that “I just had my physical and my doctor was blown away by how my numbers look now.” Also unprompted, also as part of a support ticket, Roxanne told us that “In reality, I got my health benefit from them. I just had a new physical last Friday and all my numbers are down and looking better.”

This prompted us to see if other users had documented health benefits of using Nexercise. Shawna (“Shawna with a w”, not to be confused with “Shauna with a u”) posted at that “I am diabetic, and just over a year ago my blood glucose was way out of control. I started exercising regularly in an attempt to gain some control. I lost 50 lbs within the first 6 months and plateaued for the next 6 months. Was losing my steam and faith when my workout partner discovered your app. It quickly became the boost and inspiration I needed to keep it going, and I broke my plateau, losing another 10 lbs. I went in for a blood checkup last week, and my doctor was so excited for me she called me at work to tell me my a1c was the lowest she’d seen it for me. And my cholesterol was looking the best she’d seen from me too. Both still need improving, but the jump toward healthy was significant. :-)”

It warms our hearts to hear stories such as this. This is what it’s all about. This is why we stay up so late and work so hard. We’re not doing this only out of the goodness of our hearts. But we could spend that time and energy on other things besides creating a healthy game. And even though it is a game, we have such a supportive group of users who encourage each other, check on each other when they are not as active as they usually are, and remind each other that it only takes 15 minutes to get the benefits of exercise.

If you have a similar story, feel free to tell it.

Everybody, Nexercise to better health!

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