Push Your Way Up to Better Health and Fitness

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Photographer: Frank C. Müller

Firemen do it.  Soldiers do it.  Even Yogis do it.  What is “it”?  The push-up workout, of course!  Incorporating push-ups into your daily workout routine will give you amazing results, quickly.  There are many health and fitness benefits to this exercise which include:

  1. Building full body strength targeting your upper body, chest, arms, core, glutes, hammies, and calves
  2. Increase in metabolism – your heart is working hard to pump blood which increases your metabolism allowing you to burn calories, lose weight and build muscle
  3. Increased confidence! This is a natural result to looking good and feeling great by working out.  To keep yourself motivated you can download the mobile fitness app from Nexercise.

Whether you want to adapt a military style push up or you are performing a yoga style, Chaturanga push-up, there is a standard across all the formats to help keep you in good posture. Here is step-by-step instruction on performing the perfect push-up.

  • Position yourself on a stable surface with your hands shoulder width apart
  • Press your toes down, feet flexed and form a plank position with a straight line from head to toe
  • Keep your core strong by pulling your belly button into your back
  • Lower your body toward the ground so that your elbows form a 90 degree angle – inhale as you lower and keep your head facing forward
  • Exhale as you raise back up, straightening (but not locking) your arms, and keeping your back flat
  • Repeat for as many as you can complete safely
  • Advanced push-ups include wide-armed, single-armed or Spiderman

All right!  Now you have your new fitness app and instructions on the proper way to perform a push-up, so when you have an extra 30 seconds, drop and give us 20…. ok, maybe it’s 3, but in time you will get there!  To learn more about our desire to help you achieve your fitness goals contact us.

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