7 ways (plus two!) to find a fitness buddy and make exercise fun!

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Keep on Running (Milli Vanilli song)

We saw this great little gem of an article with 7 Ways to Find a Fitness Buddy.

Each of the ideas is great, and that story is worth a look, but we have two more ideas that the article didn’t mention.

The first is to become a friend of Nexercise on Facebook. We have thousands of people there who have liked that page, and using that you might be able to find a friend that you already have who is also interested in using Nexercise to help them increase their motivation to exercise with points, badges and exclusive coupons for deals that come as rewards for getting exercise.

You could do the same with the Nexercise Twitter followers, too. We have more than 11,000 followers, so it’s possible you have a potential fitness buddy right now who follows us, too.

Whether through Facebook or Twitter, that’s a solid eighth way to find a fitness buddy.

And here’s one more way: Does your buddy have to be a person? Can it be a virtual buddy?

That’s just what Nexercise can be!

We aren’t suggesting that Nexercise will be able to help you move a couch or babysit your kids, but Nexercise can be a great buddy when it comes to fitness. After all, what does a buddy usually do when it comes to fitness? The buddy offers you some reason to get out and walk, or get to the gym. The buddy is an external motivator to help you reach your goals.

That’s just what Nexercise is! Nexercise is a free mobile app that rewards you for getting exercise.

And Nexercise can be even better than your buddies in one way: Sometimes our buddies try to motivate us by calling us names, laughing at us if we trip, or mocking us for an awkward move. Nexercise will never do that, so maybe in some ways Nexercise is an even better fitness buddy than all of your human friends.

Either way, if you want a buddy to make exercise fun, check out Nexercise!

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