Don’t Let Your Exercise Motivation Fade in the Winter

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A monk ice skating on a frozen river.

It’s a vicious cycle. Instead of wanting to exercise outside in the cold winter weather, you’d rather take cover inside. Yet hiding under the blankets only saps your energy and makes you feel even less motivated to exercise. You miss one workout, then two, and before you know it, you’re starting your exercise routine from scratch.

What can you do to increase your exercise motivation and avoid falling into the trap of inactivity, not to mention the tendency to eat and sleep more, during the coldest times of the year?

This article encourages you to make fitness a priority throughout the winter months, even when you’re lacking that get-up-and-go attitude. There are plenty of ways to stay motivated to keep exercising. Here’s a great suggestion:

“It might help to treat the winter period as a long training season. It can be a good idea to try different forms of exercise – perhaps ones that don’t feel like hard work – then revert to your regular routine in the nicer weather. Suggest new activities to the family, such as ice skating, walking in the woods or even a jog on the beach. A change of scenery works wonders.”

When trying out new activities, don’t forget to log your progress using the Nexercise mobile app. In addition to keeping you on track with your workout, this iPhone app rewards you with virtual medals, free merchandise and product discounts, just for staying physically active. Download it today, and say goodbye to the winter workout blues.


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