It’s all about the medals!

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So what’s the big deal about Nexercise medals? Aren’t they just glorified FourSquare badges named with a different name?  No…  When you check in to a venue of 50 people with FourSquare and earn the “Swarm” badge it feels pretty good, but what happens when you check into the next big venue? Nothing. (Still, we love FourSquare and it will be the way to check-in on the next app update, aka “1.8”.)

Medals are the game mechanism in Nexercise to leap ahead of the pack!  They affect game play when you REPEAT positive behaviors on your personal health quest, whether it’s to lose weight, get ripped, or stay in shape.  You gain bonus experience points (XP) for mastering aspects of positive healthy behavior, such as getting up early enough!

If you were not aware, we do have a picture of *most* medal images at

We intentionally had not spelled out how to get the medals (erasing it from our own memories in fact) because we wanted to make it a discovery and social.  We encourage you to view the details of your friends’ medals, or to discuss the medals on the medal pages. However, we have been told that it would be more motivational to know what folks are striving for.

We’ve decided to meet in the middle, and explain how to get some of the medals:

Early Bird Early Bird.  Exercising between 4 am and 9 am (your local time).  The earlier the start time, the more bonus XP you get. Obtained the first time you exercise early.
Monday Maniac Monday Maniac:  Exercising on a Monday is the XP-gift that keeps on giving for the rest of the week. Obtained the first time you exercise on a Monday.
Strength In Numbers Strength In Numbers:  Medal for having at least 5 *active* friends (facebook or bump).  Earn bonus XP *daily* for the number of active friends you have. Once-a-day bonus.

Most of our other medals are not given the first time, but are given for repeating the behavior.  Some popular medals are as follows, though there are many more:

Above and Beyond Above & Beyond:  Earned after 3 exercises of more than a half hour each.  Exercising for more than a half hour gives you a percentage of what you would have earned without this medal.
Relentless Relentless: Earned by exercising 6 days in a row.  Bonus XP depend on how many days in a row you’ve exercised, so even if you miss one or two or three, you only have to do 2 days in a row to get bonus XP again.
Weekend Warrior Weekend Warrior:  Earned by having 3 exercises of at least 45 minutes of a Saturday or Sunday.
National Agenda National Agenda:  Earned by having up to 2.5 hours of cardio and strength in a week.

Looking ahead, we don’t want to spill all the beans, but we have some holiday medals coming up as follows.  (Note: Names are subject to change.)

  • Gobble Gobble:  So everybody needs a little motivation to work off that holiday feast. Obtain this medal by working out at least 15 minutes Thanksgiving day or the next day (aka “Black Friday”).  Why? You’ll gain bonus XP for every workout for the following week!
  • Holiday Stretch:  Tis the season to be jolly. Get this one by working out at least 15 minutes between December 20th and the New Year.  Gain bonus XP for workouts during this time period.
  • My Resolution:  For the New Years, we got something really special planned here, but we don’t want to give it away yet.

So, go get your medals! 🙂

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