Get rewarded even MORE for exercising?!

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Target Gift Cards

Who doesn’t like a little praise now and then?  It could be a thumbs up from a friend, a kudos from not-yet-a-friend, a medal that gives you bonus XP , a medal that doesn’t give you bonus XP but is such an achievement to get (like Shooting Star), etc.

Even better, most people like to get rewards that they can touch, taste, or feel.  This was the original inspiration behind Nexercise. We have in-app rewards, rewards from our partner Kiip, and have given away numerous gift cards as daily or monthly prizes.

Nexercise has continually sought to improve the rewards offered to loyal users.  We are pleased to announce that now we do have at least 1 international reward, and at least 4 US rewards, regional rewards in some areas, in addition to the rewards that Kiip provides to US users.

But there’s more!  Starting in Nexercise 1.8 there are also indirect ways to get rewarded:

In the future, we will be providing even more great incentives for our users.  Plus we’re being told the app is fun in general. 🙂

So, get your Nexercise on!

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