Stress reduction surfaces as popular exercise motivation

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Living in the city can take a toll on your health by increasing the amount of stress you experience.

In a recent article out of Memphis, it is noted that people who live life in the fast lane need to search out ways to combat the extra day to day stressors brought on by city life.

Research has shown that urban life can be much more hazardous to your mental and physical health than rural life, even when income is excluded as a factor.

Social Determinates of Health, published by the World Health Organization certainly didn’t leave out regular exercise on their list of ways to stay healthy.

 Achieving your goal of stress reduction shouldn’t be stressful. Being healthy doesn’t have to include maintaining a complicated new set of habits where exercise is concerned. One way to achieve a new level of exercise motivation is to keep your brain interested in what your body is doing.

Staying mentally motivated to achieve your fitness goals is the hardest part for many people. Boredom is the enemy and fun is the target for an exercise program that stands the test of time.

Another consideration is the ease with which you can track your progress over time. According to the World Health Organization,

Increasing physical activity is a societal, not just an individual problem. Therefore it demands a population-based, multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary, and culturally relevant approach.

Did you say, culturally relevant? We have that. Add free to the list of benefits, and you have a magic combination of boredom busting magic that will keep you entertained, on task, and moving towards making exercise fun.

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