Health and fitness for the holidays

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I made it! Easiest ever recipe- 1 can pumpkin,...

Are you concerned about health and fitness for the holidays? Here are some tips to keep you healthy during this indulgent time of year.

When it’s turkey time, avoid the skin, it’s mostly all saturated fat, and eat the white meat instead of the dark meat.

To save calories in the mashed potatoes, use fat-free milk, or use low sodium chicken stock, and skip the butter.

Instead of calorie-dense pumpkin pie, create a low-calorie pumpkin mousse for dessert, using canned pumpkin, low-fat milk, some gelatin, and low-sugar whipped cream.

Eat smaller portions of everything to keep your calorie count lower.

Make a sweet potato casserole, just don’t add the marshmallows or other sweeteners. Sweet potatoes are actually one of the healthiest vegetables in the produce aisle, as long as you don’t add a ton of sugar to them when you cook them.

Always go for the veggies, unless of course they’re coated in a heavy cream sauce. Veggies are the lowest in calories, so fill up on them when they’re offered at any holiday party.

Fill up on water. Drinking water can help fill your stomach, so drink a lot of water with your meal to make you feel full faster. Water is a much better alternative than alcoholic drinks, too, which are full of empty calories.

Try to allow yourself one “treat” food at a holiday party, but don’t go overboard. Allow yourself a few bites, but don’t eat too much.

Finally, get some exercise after the party. Take a walk, go dancing, or go shopping the next day.

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