Is the only thing you’re exercising this week- an option to leave work early?

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English: A desk in an office.

You don’t have to apologize to us — this time of year, we know you’ve got all the exercise motivation you need.

After all those holiday parties and dinners, your cookie-baking sister-in-law’s weeklong visit and all that frantic (but still non-aerobic) last-minute shopping, your scales say you’ve picked up a few more reasons to get up and get moving again.

But now you’re stuck at your desk for eight-plus hours a day again. When can you fit in a workout?

How about while you’re still at work?

Whether you’re a telecommuter or your habitat is more cubicle-shaped, contributor Deborah Sweeney has some ideas to help you burn calories while you’re on the clock:

• Sit on an exercise ball instead of a chair. It’ll strengthen your abs and back and you’ll be working on your posture without even trying.

• Leave your lunch in your car. This, of course,l forces you to walk out — stairs and all — and get some exercise before you can eat. (Extra points if you work in a tall building or aren’t in the Employee of the Month parking spot right by the front door.)

• Keep some hand weights by your desk. Lift while you’re stuck on the phone or in between paperwork. Or maybe making a veiled threat to your boss, eh?

• Inhale deeply and shrug your shoulders. “Lift them high up to your ears,” Sweeney instructs. “Hold. Release and drop. Repeat three times.” Whew! We’re feeling the burn just thinking about it.

• Do leg extensions for your legs and abs. But, Sweeney cautions, tongue firmly in cheek: “Make sure that the chair you are grabbing isn’t on wheels or the aforementioned exercise ball though.”

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