Turning Life’s Daily Activities into Fun Exercise

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Brushing teeth

One of the reasons that many people don’t exercise is because they find it boring. Well, what if you could turn your daily activities, such as washing the dishes or brushing your teeth, into fun exercise?

There are probably dozens of different things that you do everyday to which you could add an extra dimension of exercise. It’s just a matter of determining what and how.

Building Toning Exercises into Office Work

If you’re stuck in an office routine from eight to five, why not spend part of your day toning your muscles?

Start by toning your rear end by doing quick and simple butt clenches. Next time you’re alone, standing at the filing cabinet, squeeze your cheeks together ten times, and help yourself to a shapelier rear. Or you may want to do calf raises. Just extend one leg behind you with toes pointed. Now raise the extended leg upward for 10 counts without bending your knee. Do this 10 times then reverse and do the other leg.

To relieve upper body stress and develop upper arm strength, try doing arm curls while talking on the phone. You can do it without weights. However, you may want to grab a bottle of water to provide more resistance. Just curl at the elbow until your hand reaches your shoulder. Then lower it down again.

In addition, don’t forget to walk everywhere you can. Instead of the elevator, walk up the stairs. Park your car at the furthest point in the parking lot and walk. Whenever and wherever, walk.

Working Out at the Sink

For fun exercise while standing at your kitchen or bathroom sink, here are a couple of ideas from Happy Lists.

If you have an electric toothbrush, it takes about two minutes to brush your teeth. In that amount of time you can do squats, lunges or wall sits. Or if your chore is to wash the nightly dishes, be sure to include some calf raises while you wash.

Another suggestion for fun exercise at the sink is to do counter top push-ups. Stand back from the counter, put your hands on the edge and do some half push-ups. These can help to strengthen your arms and upper body.

The truth is that any time you find yourself in a position to add more movement and activity into your life – chose to do it. For more ideas on how to get motivated and to stay in shape, visit Nexercise.

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