Your choice of romantic partner determines how unhealthy you will be

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A study at the State University Buffalo NY proves that picking a romantic partner who doesn’t smoke, drinks responsibly (or not at all), exercises frequently, doesn’t eat junk food, and stays on top of their doctor visits, will result in YOU living healthier and longer. Geesh.

What about us who are in love OR married who can’t back out as easily???
I don’t know about you… but ending my relationship could be the unhealthiest decision of all!

Luckily, we can make smart and enjoyable choices to live healthier without making drastic changes to our lifestyles.

So see if you can relate to this…

I was in shape in college and right after I took a desk job sitting in front of a computer.  I’d get those great office snacks. You know the free cinnamon bagels, the awesome office birthday cake. There seemed to be some thing preying on my sweet teeth everyday. I love sweets, I don’t have a sweet tooth, I have 32 sweet teeth! I’m also a sucker for french fries and ketchup. Then my work was inconsistent and often I didn’t know when I’d get off of work. I’m not a morning person either, so I convinced myself to get a gym membership and go after work- Big mistake. The gym was either too crowded, or I just was too tired after work. And lets face it- a great episode of Reality TV, a home and gardening show, or your favorite crime show is WAY more appealing than sweating after work. Am I right?? Plus, It’s not like I regularly ate like crap, but after a year or two I was looking at myself and I was a hot mess.

And now this study is telling me I picked the wrong woman to boot?

The problem was I made too many negative small choices. I figured if these choices were so appealing, what could I do to counteract this?

My thoughts:
a) make no bad choices- drastic and untrainable
b) make less bad choices – hard to track
c) exercise enough to counter all bad choices – yeah right, sounds boring and too time consuming
d) achieve a health Zen by making more positive choices than negative ones

D D D D !!! I wan’t D action and I want it to be EASY and integrate into my life seemlessly.

Wouldn’t you like an easy and fun way to get and stay fit?

Something that didn’t require tons of tracking and recording? A solution where you didn’t have to think too much but just do?

Me too! It didn’t exist, so I built it for my iPhone. And now you can benefit from it too.

Best of all it’s Free.

Nexercise is a free health and fitness app that turns any physical activity into a game. Yardwork, dancing, and even walking your dog can count. Of course you can do standard heart pumping stuff like running, weightlifting, cycling, and aerobics.

Many of my friends are getting off their butts and getting credit for things they are already doing like walking their dog or trying new things. It’s cool to open the app and see new friends appear automatically on my friend list. Even cooler, we get extra credit when we ‘Nexercise’ with our friends.

And if you are the give back type, we plan to incorporate a charitable aspect, where a portion of profit generated from this app is donated to health related charities. You getting fit and having fun, will help others live healthier lives.

If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

Benjamin Young, Inventor and busy father of 2

If you already use a health & fitness app, you don’t have to abandon it. Nexercise works great with many popular apps like, RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, Lose It, and more.

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