Use a Fitness App to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

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It’s a common phenomenon- hit the gym hard for the first week or two of January, and then give up. Perhaps the fast pace becomes too much for your busy schedule, or maybe you forgot you ever made a resolution in the first place. No matter what the cause, exercise motivation is difficult to maintain.

Keeping a New Year’s Resolution for an entire year, or longer, takes commitment. Below we’ve listed a few tips on keeping your resolution to exercise this year.

Set a Goal You Can Keep

Ambitious goals are sometimes a good thing. The majority of New Year’s Resolutions are left by the wayside within a month. By setting achievable, realistic goals for exercise, a good resolution will soon be part of your everyday life. If you can make that happen, next year your resolution can focus on something else.

Keep Exercise Fun

Using a fitness app is a great way to keep exercise entertaining. By earning rewards, connecting with friends, and doing different activities, getting fit won’t bore you.

Make It Social

Working out with friends not only makes it more fun to do, but also more likely to go in the first place. If you set a time and place to exercise, you and your buddy both feel pressure to follow through. Even simply talking about your resolution can make it a more concrete goal.

Let’s keep our resolution to exercise this year, and let’s get moving!

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