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Eight Ideas for Better Exercise Motivation

No matter how much you care about health and fitness, there are times when your exercise motivation is bound to dwindle. After all, your life is full of commitments, responsibilities, and unexpected twists and turns. For those times when you lose your inspiration, this article by personal trainer Michael W. Smith offers eight ways to rediscover your fitness motivation. […]

Trouble With Exercise Motivation? Just Keep Moving

“No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.” – Anonymous When starting a workout regimen, one the toughest things to do is to keep consistent. It’s easy to get discouraged, whether it’s from the scale, our society’s view of “fit,” or from our own self-doubt. The key, though, is […]

Get in Shape With Fun Exercise

Getting in shape and maintaining a healthy weight is simple: Just eat a sensible diet and exercise regularly. The problem is that “simple” doesn’t necessarily mean “easy.” Keeping up with an exercise routine can be downright hard. That’s why it’s so important to find fun exercise that you enjoy and look forward to doing.   Fun means […]

To Be Successful…Get Back to the Basics!

Now days everyone seems to be interested in eating right, staying fit, and living a longer healthier life.  Unlike some things, where you can’t find any information on the topic, we’re inundated daily with health and fitness information from competing sources in the press and on the web.  There aren’t enough hours in our day […]