Eight Ideas for Better Exercise Motivation

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No matter how much you care about health and fitness, there are times when your exercise motivation is bound to dwindle. After all, your life is full of commitments, responsibilities, and unexpected twists and turns.

For those times when you lose your inspiration, this article by personal trainer Michael W. Smith offers eight ways to rediscover your fitness motivation.

1. Start Small. Choose a simple goal such as eating more vegetables or attending a boot camp three times a week. Become consistent at one small goal before adding in more.

2. Focus on One Goal Completely. If you try to accomplish too much at once, you can easily become overwhelmed. Start small, work at it, and become unfailing with that goal.

3. Examine Your Motivation. It’s fine to enlist the help of a trainer or friend, but don’t always rely on someone else to motivate you. Use positive self-talk and get yourself moving toward your goals.

4. Be Passionate About it. If you’re not passionate about something, you won’t make the time or effort to do it. Figure out what you truly want and push yourself toward that goal.

5. Commit Publicly. If you keep your goal to yourself, no one will be there to keep you accountable. We all need accountability in our lives so make sure you announce your new goal to your family and friends.

6. Get Excited. Be enthusiastic about your goal. Embrace it, announce it and go after it. When you’re excited, you get others excited for you, and that is even more motivating.

7. Build Anticipation. Once you get other people excited for you, they’ll want to hear your updates. Knowing that your friends and family might ask how boot camp went can provide that extra motivation you need to get there.

8. Print it Out, Post it Up. Type up your goal, print it out, and post it in places where you will see it as you go about your day. Remind yourself constantly what it is you’re after.

When life gets busy, it’s easy to lose sight of your fitness goals. Keep these ideas in mind whenever you feel your exercise motivation lacking, and you’ll be back on track in no time at all.

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