To Be Successful…Get Back to the Basics!

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Fresh vegetables are important components of a...

Now days everyone seems to be interested in eating right, staying fit, and living a longer healthier life.  Unlike some things, where you can’t find any information on the topic, we’re inundated daily with health and fitness information from competing sources in the press and on the web.  There aren’t enough hours in our day to follow every piece of available advice about health and fitness and much of it is conflicting.

What to do?   Rather than starting the latest trendy diet including a long list of grocery items you’ve never heard of, or the new fitness craze requiring the purchase a another piece of fitness equipment that will become next year’s clothes hanger, simply get back to basics.   For most of us the simplest, most basic health tips will be the easiest to follow and apply consistently.

Everyone truly knows the answer to good health.  Eat right and exercise regularly.  But what does that mean?  For diet, a simple and easy to follow solution is to eat mostly unprocessed whole foods, and fill your plate with equal parts of fruits, vegetables, protein and starch.  If you simply avoid as many boxed, processed foods as possible you’re already half way there.  The second step is: everything in moderation.

Next: Add some physical activity.  The best way to stay active and ensure you exercise regularly is to make exercise fun and a natural part of your day.  Do things you enjoy like bike riding, walking your dog, or dancing.  Use any excuse to be up and about.  Walk or bike to work if you can. If you can’t, park farther away or get off the subway or bus a stop early.  Don’t use the intercom at work but walk to your co-workers offices to speak to them instead.  You’ll be amazed how even little changes can make a big difference in your health over time.

A fitness app can really come in handy for fostering consistency and making exercise fun.  With a fitness app you’ll earn points and prizes simply for being active.  Before you know it, you’ll be competing with friends for points, and your daily exercise will not only be physically rewarding but socially rewarding, as well.

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