Trainers Experience What it’s Like to Lose Weight

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People try to lose weight all the time. But aside from the occasional movie star preparing for a role, it’s not often you hear about someone intentionally trying to put on a lot of weight.

However, that’s exactly what some personal trainers have done recently, in an attempt to better understand what their clients go through on a daily basis and experience how difficult it can be to shed the pounds.

One example is Drew Manning and his Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit project. Beginning in May 2011, he stopped exercising and ate unrestricted calories for six months. He gained over 70 pounds during that time and blogged about his experience. Since November, he’s been tracking his exercise and diet as he spends another six months working his way back into shape.

Another personal trainer, Luke Shook, began his intentional weight gain in December. Like Manning, he consumed extra calories and never worked out. His original goal was to gain 50 pounds in 12 weeks, but after facing some serious health complications in week 10, Shook knew he had to change his plan:

“I started getting bloody noses, getting light-headed and stuff, and ended up getting pretty ill for a couple days. So I spoke with everybody involved and decided I should stop at 40 pounds,” Shook said.

Shook said his blood pressure was also out of control. His doctor measured it at 170/96, which is dangerously high compared with a recommended 120/80. “That was the morning we pulled the plug on everything,” Shook said.

So he’s hitting the gym again, working out four times a week alongside his clients. “I just want people to know that it’s a science,” Shook said. “Don’t sit there and think you’re helpless because you’ve tried other diets and programs and never had luck. I want them to know that there’s hope.”

Now with more empathy and a better understanding of how tough it can be to lose weight and get in shape, both of these trainers are back on track and ready to help others on their weight loss journey.

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