Weight loss tips from Boulder, the “trimmest” city in the nation

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Boulder, Colo. was recently named the trimmest city in the nation according to a Gallup-Healthways poll.


Boulder as seen from foothills

Boulder as seen from foothills (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The city is known for hiking, biking, running and climbing—all outdoor activities in an altitude nearly a mile above sea level. But you don’t need the higher altitude or the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains to mimic a Boulder lifestyle, and thus, a trimmer lifestlye.

Wherever you live, the first glimmer of spring is calling you outdoors. Say goodbye to the musty, sweaty (and sometimes clostorophobic) enclosure of an indoor gym. Let the vitamin D radiate throughout your mind and body. Get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Here are a few tips (from a Boulder local) to take advantage of the spring season sun, while simultaneously burning a few extra calories:

1. Boulderites love their local farmers market for fresh fruit and produce. But you don’t necessarily need a farmer’s market for a healthy meal that mimics the straight-off-the-farm feel. Head to your local grocery store and pick up some seasonal (for better value, and taste) fruits and veggies such as asparagus, broccoli, grapefruit, green onions, kiwi and oranges.

2. Winter, spring, summer or fall you’ll see the town of Boulder filled with bikers and walkers. An easy way to get some physical exercise—without actually thinking of it as exercise—is to leave your car in the garage and rely on your feet (or your bike). Make it a goal today to run your errands by way of walking or biking, in the beautiful outdoors.

3. Boulder residents are known for their healthy mindset. It’s all about the mindset. Some say Boulder gets its thin ranking not because its residents consciously make an effort to lose weight, but because they appreciate the outdoors and naturally tend towards physical activity. The more you tell yourself you need to lose weight, the more your body wants to rebel. Make a goal to forget about weight loss and focus your attention on the beautiful spring weather that’s approaching you this season. If you focus your attention elsewhere, weightloss will be efortless.

A fitness app can be helpful in encouraging and maintaing these fun weight loss tips.

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