Getting Paid to Exercise May Be all The Motivation You Need

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You’re looking for a little exercise motivation. Something to inspire you, maybe offer you a reward.

I’m always looking for new ways to take my motivation to the next level and I heard about this new entrant in the fitness motivation space called GymPact.

GymPact promises to pay you to exercise. On the flip side, it will charge you when you don’t. This approach has been working out pretty well for the new company, according to co-founder and CEO Yifan Zhang.

The concept is easy. You sign up and download GymPact’s free iPhone application. Part of the application process includes your credit card information. Then you commit to how many days each week you will work out and what you will pay if you don’t. There is a $5 minimum penalty.

When you check in, GymPact verifies your location. If it is a gym, yoga studio, personal trainer or other appropriate exercise venue, you get credit for a day of exercise. And if your fitness center isn’t among those listed with GymPact, you can add it. They will recognize any legitimate workout facility, other than home or office gym.

GymPact is actually a great compliment to Nexercise, because you can pack on a few bucks while getting the social motivation from your close friends and family. Plus you can get your bonus points from the “Venue Visitor” virtual medal and even get elusive medals like “Spotter” if you remember to check-in with FourSquare as well. I think GymPact should definitely look at leveraging FourSquare somehow.

You’re probably scratching your head wondering how you get paid. That’s easy. You get a portion of the money collected from all the people who did not honor their commitment. Naturally, that means your weekly payments (via PayPal) will vary depending on the amount of money collected and the number of days per week you were successful. Additionally, GymPact collects a portion of each payout for operating expenses.

You’re probably thinking, couldn’t I just cheat and get paid. Sure you could… You could drive by the gym and check in every day and actually NOT work out. But seriously is that worth doing for $2-5 a week?? You’d probably waste more in gas! And let’s not forget remembering to do this will cost you at least $5. They’ve effectively priced their service where it’s really not worth cheating. Once the novelty wears off that you’re not going to get rich off this service, you probably will notice the results of actually going to the gym and thus it will be “worth it”!

If you are a Nexerciser with a GymPact, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

The true value to me will be if they get the payout for 3x a week up to about $25-30 a week. That way it would cover my unused gym membership and maybe I’d go. Right now, I’m sticking mainly to Kettlebells at home, playing with my kids, running (sigh), and walking 🙂

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