Exercise Helps Quit Smoking

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Born to Quit

Giving up smoking can be tough. Nicotine is a potent addictive, hence it is hard to quit smoking. Nonetheless, more than half of adult smokers successfully kick the habit, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. With an earnest desire to stop smoking and persistence, you too can stub the cigarette once and for all.

While some quit smoking without assistance, consulting a doctor or joining a local stop – smoking program can facilitate the transition. Your doctor can recommend nicotine replacement therapy or medication, as well as lifestyle changes to overcome the addiction. Self-care measures help you handle nicotine withdrawal and mental stress experienced when giving up smoking. Kicking the habit is easier on the body when you eat right, get rest, and exercise. Physical activity is particularly beneficial as smokers who exercise are more likely to quit smoking. In a study at the University of Exeter, smokers who had not smoked for the past 15 hours were told to cycle for 10 minutes, and then showed smoking-related images. After their exercise session, smokers were less responsive to the smoking-related visuals and reported decreased cr avings for cigarettes.

A craving can cause change in mood, heart rate, and blood pressure. When you feel the need to light up, go for a bracing walk. This helps resist the craving, eases physical and mental stress, and perks you up. Besides walking, running, swimming, cycling, doing push-ups, and playing a sport are among the varied activities that aid the quitting process. The Mayo clinic suggests 30 minutes of moderate physical activity to get past the craving. Further, staying physically active makes you less susceptible to a smoking relapse.

As smoking boosts metabolism and nicotine tends to suppress appetite, giving up the habit could cause some weight gain. Including some fitness activity in your day can counter this effect. While you cut back on smoking, make time to play a sport that you like or a stimulating session of fun exercise. As a result your metabolic rate increases, you are able to lose weight and keep it off. Thus, you quit smoking for good and stay in shape.

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