Fitness Tracking Boosts Your Chances Of Weight Loss Success

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You never go anywhere without your smartphone. You make calls, check your e-mail, pay bills and shop online with it. So doesn’t it make sense that you use your phone for weight loss, too?

Whether you have an Android or iPhone, weight loss has never been easier with the Nexercise app.

It’s hard to consistently do fitness tracking – how much did you exercise? At what intensity? For how many days this week? Nexercise does all the tracking for you – just launch the app and input the type of activity you’re engaging in. Press start at the beginning of your session, then press stop at the end. You’ll come away knowing exactly how much exercise you’ve done. And having an objective record of your workouts from week to week can be just what you need to get your weight loss program on track.

Why is tracking – of both your fitness and nutrition – so important in reaching your goals? It’s easy to sabotage your efforts with a nibble here, a little cheat there, a missed workout in between. Tracking your behaviors – also referred to as “self-monitoring” — allows you to objectively review your progress and evaluate the obstacles that might be in your way.

Honesty and consistency are the keys here. Being honest about the exercise (both the intensity and duration) you perform can help you identify the correlation between your weekly weight loss/gain and your exercise. Numbers – both on the scale and on your phone — don’t lie. If you have a bad week, Nexercise can show you what might have been a contributing factor (did you skip a few days of exercise?). And conversely, if you have a great week, you can easily view the steps you took to success (it was that new Zumba class that burned a lot of calories!).

According to an article in Press of Atlantic City, “A study in the December 2005 Annals of Behavioral Medicine examined exercise self-monitoring in relation to weight loss and found participants who consistently kept exercise diaries achieved significantly greater weight loss and even exercised more often.”

Tracking your food and exercise takes only minutes, but it can be a huge motivator in your journey. Being able to reconcile your calories in with your calories out will accelerate your weight loss. And seeing your exercise achievements on the calendar will make you hungry for more!

With Nexercise, you’ll receive encouragement – in the form of achieving new levels, earning accomplishment badges and receiving cool rewards – each time you complete a workout session. Do you find you work out better with friends? You can invite friends to join you on Nexercise, and you can compete for the top slot in fitness. A little friendly competition can get you up and moving in no time, and Nexercise makes it easy.

You can easily find an app for tracking your nutrition, and Nexercise is a great way to track your fitness. Using rewards, the power of workout buddies and an objective self-monitoring system, Nexercise will help you keep heading toward success.

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