Cooler Hands May Keep You in the Fitness Game Longer

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Cooler hands may actually give you a longer workout time, according to a recent study posted on the WebMED site.

“By cooling the hands, you cool the rest of the body…The hands are a very important switch to our internal thermostat…anything to keep body temperature down will prolong exercise.”

A good exercise program will help keep your body temperature under control, and more in sync with the different times of the day.

For example, logging in at the local gym twice a week, should help you to be more productive during the day—your temp is higher in daytime and promotes higher productivity

No surprise that exercising prior to bedtime should bring on a good night’s rest. Again, it’s all about the body temperature, which goes much lower in the evening hours.

However, if pumping iron and logging miles on the treadmill are not your thing in your bid to stay in the fitness game then keep to a good walking program.

Now don’t get hot under the collar thinking how really boring your exercise program is right now.

That’s why the people at Nexercise rolled out their smartphone fitness app; it’s all about rewarding you through discounts on items that can help keep you charged and energized— energy bars, exercise videos…and even price breaks at natural food stores.

The rewards come to you through walking, aerobics, running, yard work, dancing. The minimum time for your activity is at least 15 minutes. Tell the app what it is you’re going to do; keep the phone around and after you’ve completed your exercise program you notify Nexercise via a button—all your moving about is now recorded.

You even pick up bonus points when you exercise with a friend. Rack up the points;the more you pile up, the better your chances of winning bigger discounts on a range of products and services.

You may even be eligible for an end-of-the-month grand prize.

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