365 Days of Nexercise (A Nexerciser’s Story)

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On July 25, I completed my 365th consecutive day on the Nexercise app. I’m not quite sure how an entire year has gone by. I’m pretty sure yesterday it was July 2011.

What was I even doing last year at this time? I don’t know, but my Nexercise app tells me that I was doing a lot of running (no surprise), and some walking, and some Wii Fit. Back in those days we didn’t have some of the fancy features we have now, like Chatter (which I still need to start using; sorry about that!) and following people and all that jazz. I’m pretty sure that in addition to using Nexercise I was also emailing Boomie 100 times a day.

Lots of people have come out to congratulate me on this feat, and it feels pretty good! Some may be wondering: how did I do it?

Well, the first thing you should know about me is that my definition of “working out” has generally been a little more stringent than some of the things that Nexercise lets us count. Before Nexercise, I would never have counted a walk as an activity. I would never have tracked a walk. For a while in 2010 I was working out three times per day, and that wasn’t counting my lunchtime stroll, so you can see why I might have strong feelings about that subject.

Over the past year, though, a lot has happened. I ran the Chicago Marathon. I got injured and stayed injured on and off for about seven months. As a runner, being injured can be super devastating. When I can’t run, I’m not a happy person. Plus, at the time of my injury, my Nexercise streak was going on four months. If I’m one thing it’s doggedly determined to not give up on streaks, so I had to find other ways to log points. Swimming didn’t last very long, as you could hardly get any points for it (and to be honest the deep end freaks me right out…and to be more honest I’m not very good at swimming) but I tried everything else: recumbent bikes, outside bikes, ellipticals…you name it.

Over the winter and spring there were a lot of days when I didn’t want to do anything. I work from home, so if I really want to, I can stay on my couch all day. That did happen, but when evening came I would remember…I need to use Nexercise.

My workouts were not always glamorous or what I would term a “hard workout.” You might have found me in my apartment at 11:00 p.m. doing 15 minutes of step using my Wii Balance Board and sans Wii. On one winter night when it was too dark to go outside (and too late) I paced as quickly as possible around our four rooms. No matter what, I put in my 15 minutes.

Most of the time, when I work out, I like to really work out. I’ve been running at least a mile a day (and usually 5 or more) since Memorial Day. Recently, my husband and I joined a gym, so I like to go use the weight machines at least three times per week. This works for me. It feels great.

But Nexercise also gave me credit when I didn’t want to move at all and still did. While I still believe that it’s best to go for a good run or lift at the gym or attend a spin class or take a ride on my ElliptiGO, sometimes a walk around the block is what you can manage. Sometimes 15 minutes of Wii Step in your pajamas is all you have to give (but not often). With Nexercise, it still counts. It’s still worth something! (Still, don’t take this as me endorsing a “take the easiest path” mentality; if you can do more, do it. Challenges are what change us. You only regret what you didn’t try, etc.)

So, in the end, more often than not my Nexercise calendar shows that I went running or put in an hour of cardio or weights at the gym. On the occasion, it shows that I didn’t have a run to give and went for a walk instead or (begrudgingly) did some Wii Step. But no matter what, I did it every day. Not every day can be a hard workout day, but every day in the past year was one that I fired up Nexercise and, in some form or another, got off the couch.

That’s really something else.


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