Confessions of a Binge Exerciser (A Nexerciser’s Story)

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Up until last September 2011, when I started using Nexercise, I was a binge exerciser. I’d find something I liked, or start a new routine, and gradually work my way up to three or four workouts a week. Then I’d get sick, throw my back out, or injure myself and that would be the end of it. In the meantime, I would have invested a fair amount of money in my new exercise regime — gym membership, personal trainer, exercise videos, heart rate monitors, whatever.

It’s not that I didn’t really believe in the benefits of exercise. I know exercise can make my bones stronger, help me lose weight, increase my strength and enable me to get better sleep. I’ve also seen the effects of a sedentary life on my parents. My aging mother and father were proof of the adage, “use it or lose it.” I saw how easy it became for them to lose their strength and flexibility and to become more susceptible to falls. I didn’t need to be convinced about the value of exercise. In fact, the more I learned, the guiltier I felt for my long “breaks” from my exercise binges.

After ten months of using Nexercise I went from an average of 1.5 workouts a week to about 15 sessions a week. I’ve been sick twice (two nasty viruses decimated my work place) and my back went out on me again. Through it all I continued to exercise just about every day. The difference? Nexercise app helped me change my concept of exercise.

I used to Exercise (with a capital “E”). Exercise was something I knew I should do, something elaborate that required special equipment, the application of research-based principles, and above all TIME! This concept of exercise gave me plenty of excuses — tight budget, lack of proper equipment, lack of proper technique, inability to schedule enough time for a Workout (capitals again) in my incredibly busy schedule.

Once I started Nexercise all I had to do was find time for fifteen minutes of movement. I started looking for opportunities to move during my regular day. Nexercise’s motion detectors kept track of my progress and kept me honest. How have I stopped binge exercising? I’ve stopped Exercising. Now, I move — in as many different ways as I can — everyday.


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